Biology of the Rabbit
by François LEBAS
Directeur de Recherches honoraire de l'INRA
English revised version of "Biologie du lapin" , translated from French by Cathy R. Martin and Joan M. Rosell
Edition 2020
                                                                                                                                  Les dernières modifications

General Index

Up to now, only the chapters 1 to 4 were translated and revised (increased) = 42% of the whole text on Biology of the rabbit
  Preamble 6. Kidneys and Urinary excretion
  1. Taxonomy and origin of the rabbit 7. Reproduction
  2. External view and morphology     7.1 Some definitions and the role of hormones
  3. Skeleton and muscles     7.2 The male (buck)
  4. Digestion ansd Digestive system     7.3 The female (rabbit doe)
      4.1.Anatomy     7.4 The young (rabbit kits)
      4.2 Digestive development with age & physiology 8. Blood constants & circulation
      4.3 Physiology of digestion & Cecotrophy 9. The eye and the vision
      4.4 Feeding behavior (5 sections)
  5. Respiratory system           to be continued
  Biology of the rabbit and consequences for the production
  Bibliographical references

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